Registration and Payment
Student Lesson time will be reserved upon receipt of advanced payment. This may be done by mailing a cheque or m.o. or paying in person with a cheque or cash in advance of the beginning of the block selected ( 4 or 10 lessons )..so as not to interfere with class time.


Private Lessons Missed by the Student
When a student enrolls for lessons, the instructor commits a weekly time for lessons. Both the instructor’s income and the music instruction budget are dependent on the fees generated by these reserved times, and it is therefore not possible to offer refunds for lessons missed or cancelled by the student.

Each Private student is allowed (2) two cancellations per block of ten lessons provided that the Office received a minimum of 24 hours notice. The cancellation may be used for illness, vacations, doctors appointments, school concerts, etc. Lessons cancelled because of social events or lack of time will not be refunded or made up. After two cancellations in a block of ten lessons, lessons missed by the student will not be rescheduled. A cancellation allowance that is not used may not be rolled over to a future lesson block.

Make-up lessons are used to replace excused cancellations. Makeup lessons are scheduled through the Studio at a time that is convenient for both the instructor and the student.


Missed Group Lessons ..(1) One CR cancellation per block of 10 classes.

Lesson Forfeits
No Shows, which result from the student not giving any notice of absence, will be charged as a lesson forfeit, and the student forfeits monies paid toward that lesson. Calling a half hour before or during a lesson time is also considered a No Show. Late Cancellations and No Shows are not covered under the Lessons Missed by the Student described above.


Lessons missed by the Instructor
If the instructor is unable to teach a scheduled lesson (i.e. other professional commitments or illness ), the instructor will give as much advance notice as possible.

The Studio will contact students as soon as possible so that we may reschedule student lessons.


Classes and private lessons already underway have no refund policy.


Inclement Weather
We do not always close when the School Board closes schools due to inclement weather; quite often by the afternoon, when our lessons begin, the roads are cleared. If the weather is questionable please contact us at 902-404-8288. If we close we will endeavour to contact you. We appreciate your understanding when we do close and thank you for your cooperation when we call to reschedule the missed lesson.


Practice and Instrument Policy
Students must have an instrument at home to practice on; otherwise they will not progress in their lessons. Initially, practice sessions of at least 30 minutes a day, seven times per week are recommended. Without practice, a student’s progress in lessons is greatly reduced and holds back others’ progress in a group lesson.

A keyboard is available for use at our studio for lessons. Guitars, fiddles, accordions, etc are not provided and the student must bring their own instrument to classes. Tuning is the students responsibility.


Suspension of Students & Cancellation of Instruction
Scotia Satellite ( Bruce & Judy's) Music Studio reserves the right to suspend students for non-payment of tuition or inappropriate conduct. Scotia Satellite (Bruce & Judy's ) Music Studio reserves the right to withdraw any course or level of instruction at any time without notice or liability other than to refund or credit tuition fees received for lessons cancelled due to such withdrawal.


It is hereby understood and agreed that the student and parent/guardian of the student agree to comply with the policies of Scotia Satellite (Bruce & Judy's) Music Studio. All Students under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent/guardian and be present for the entire lesson.