We highly recommend.. CROSBY GUITARS ...the "Ultimate Acoustic Guitar"...handcrafted in Nova Scotia..with local wood.



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                 2011 Recital GUEST ENTERTAINER  MARY ABBASS  from Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador  ... playing my new Crosby Guitar.

                              "Labrador Cabin Song"

                                "This Is My Home"





Accordion Students  

                                                  Hohner Accordions  ...  www.apmusic.ca







 Electric guitar Student...    Just Struttin' Along





Keyboard & Guitar Students... 






Fiddle Student playing...   Rythmaire's Waltz

Fiddle Student Playing ......  Ellen's Waltz,  Peggy's Cove Jig,  Hunter's Reel 

 Guitar Students..playing The House That Built Me



Fiddle or Violin ? These are just two different names for the same instrument. In common practice, violins are called "fiddles" when the style of the music is country, folk, or bluegrass. they're called "Violins" when the style is popular, jazz, or classical. Regardless of their name, if you have one, get it out and Play it !